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Colin Niven working on his Rock Covers CD.

BubbleTrap in the studio. Very nice chaps!

The almighty Almanza (well, 2/3rd of it). Now that's fat...

Ruacutane, recording drums/doublebass/guitar for their electro-pop project.

Boogie Workers: Walter Otte (guit/lead vox), Bob Fohal (bass),
Dave "Electric Fire" White (harp/back vox), Pol Henry (drums).

Boogie Workers: Big Walter picking his guitars.

Maitreya's crazy drummer Pjetre hangin' out in the studio.

Maitreya sessions: Gee, where did all those cables and gadgets come from?

Bacon Fat sessions: Luke, Wouter Johnson and the one and only Mr. Nasty!

Bacon Fat sessions: Tuning, doubting, cooking some riffs.

Bacon Fat sessions: Show some teeth...

Bacon Fat sessions: Gear rigs.

The HYDRA sessions: Nico & Bardus.

Scrumbled in the studio, serious and not-so-serious...

Bacon Caravan Creek in the studio, bringing rock and electronica together.